Interlude for String Orchestra

Nov. 2023 Update: Interlude for String Orchestra has been revised and is now about 2 1/2 minutes longer than the video!

I had three goals in mind while writing this piece: use and develop some motives, move from darkness to light, and make the ending beautiful. There are a few empty measures where I wanted the music to have time to breathe. Overall playing time seems to be about 6:44.

I used some poly-tonality here and there, but there are also pop music influences to help ease the tension! Please contact me if you would like to perform this piece. Thanks for listening!

March Fantasy for Low Brass Quartet

Written for a standard band or orchestra low brass section, this piece also sounds excellent with all parts doubled. An opening fanfare leads into a toe-tapping march, followed by a fugue reminiscent of Bach, a tuba recitative and solo, a recap of the march, and a majestic finale. The bass trombone part could be played on a tenor trombone, but both 2nd and 3rd trombone will need F attachments. In the recording I played the tuba part on my euphonium, then EQ’d it a bit to sound more tuba-ish. It’s not too bad, but apologies to my tuba-playing friends!

Symphony Low Brass

Like our colleagues around the world, the Victoria Symphony musicians love to dress up when given an opportunity! Here’s a photo from this year’s Halloween concert: Music That Goes ‘Bump’ in the Night!

An Eagle’s Tale for Orchestra (Bird Suite No. 5)

With the final movement of Bird Suite I tried to capture a typical day in an eagle’s life, with some soaring, hunting, relaxing on a tree branch, flying off into the sunset – the usual eagle-ish activities. I don’t know a lot about Indigenous music, but there is a brass chorale that suggests it, at least to my ears.

A Christmas Wish for Brass Quartet, SATB Choir, Sleigh Bells and Organ

A few months ago I saw a forum post asking about Christmas music for brass and choir. There weren’t a lot of suggestions, so I decided to write something! The vocal range is fine for most church choirs, with words based on a Christmas poem by Dave Dogterom. If you have a Christmas gig for brass quintet, your horn player can take a break and play sleigh bells! The sheet music is available at